Land Surveyor


What does a land surveyor do?

Land Surveyors determine where your front yard starts and your back yard ends by making boundary decisions.  They measure everything on the face of the earth as well as above or below the earth.  Their measurements determine where roads go and where buildings can be built.  Depending on what type of land surveyor you choose to be, you may also measure the ocean floor, take pictures from an airplane, fly a drone, or map satellites in space.

To become a registered Professional Land Surveyor, you do not need any college although some college will make your licensure process easier.  North Dakota has two great college programs that will help you on your way to becoming a land surveyor.  Those college programs are:

Bismarck State College:  https://bismarckstate.edu/academics/programs/careertechnicalprograms/engineeringtech/

North Dakota State College of Science:  https://www.ndscs.edu/academics/things-to-know-academics/academic-clusters-departments/land-surveying-and-civil-engineering-technology/options-land-surveying-and-civil-engineering-technology/

If you attend one of these programs, you will need some on-the-job experience in addition to your education to become licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor.

There are some fun free games online that use the concepts behind land surveying.  You need Flash Player for these games.  Check them out!

Map Zone:  https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapzone

GeoGuessr:  https://geoguessr.com/maps/usa

If you are looking for something to do other than being on the computer, try these activities: https://www.exploratorium.edu/geometryplayground/Activities/scavengerhunt.php

If you want to work as a Land Surveyor, you might be assisting in wildlife and game management, helping a family buy their first home or adding a subdivision to a city. Visit http://www.surveypath.org/ for more information about the typical duties of a modern Land Surveyor.

Visit http://www.beasurveyor.com, which is sponsored by the North Carolina Society of Surveyors Education Foundation, for more information.