Unlicensed Businesses

The Board of Registration shares information with the North Dakota Secretary of State about businesses that are being formed in the state or are coming into North Dakota from another state to work.  We frequently receive information about a business that has applied for a Certificate of Authority and list their primary business to be engineering or land surveying.  A Certificate of Authority is a license issued by the Secretary of State that authorizes a firm or company to transact business in North Dakota.

Engineering and land surveying are regulated professions so a company cannot offer those services unless certain criteria are met.  Because of that, businesses are required by law to apply for a Certificate of Commercial Practice from the Board of Registration before offering engineering or land surveying services.  Companies that have licensed with the Secretary of State but not with the Board of Registration are not authorized to offer professional services and if they are doing so, it is in violation of North Dakota law.

Many companies license with the Secretary of State in anticipation of working in North Dakota before they actually do so.  In that situation, companies are not required to register with the Board until they are actually offering services.  Some of the firms listed here are not in violation of the law although the Board of Registration has no way to know that for certain.

In the very near future, companies that are not registered with the Board of Registration will be listed here.  If you come into contact with a representative of one of these companies listed here and they offer engineering or land surveying services to you, please contact the Board right away.