There are many different organizations that have valuable information as well as education opportunities for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors.  The Board is not affiliated with any of these organizations but we thought links to their sites might be useful to you.

www.ndspls.org(North Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors)

www.ndspe.org(North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers)

www.ncees.org (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying)

www.nd.gov/sos (Official Portal for North Dakota Government-Secretary of State)

www.blm.gov   http://www.blm.gov/mt/st/en/fo/north_dakota_field.html (U.S. Bureau of Land Management)

www.acsm.net(National Society of Professional Engineers)

www.ieee.org(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

www.asme.org(American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

www.asce.org(American Society of Civil Engineers)

www.asee.org(American Society for Engineering Education)

www.asabe.org(American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers)

www.ndsba.net(North Dakota State Board of Architecture)

www.aiche.org(American Institute of Chemical Engineers)

www.chemicalengineering.org(Chemical Engineers in Action)

www.acse.org(American Society of Civil Engineers)

www.civilengineersite.com(Civil Engineer Website on Civil Engineering and Construction Project Mgmt)

www.ieee.com (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

www.iaeng.com  (International Association of Engineers)

www.ecedha.com(Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association)

www.aaee.net(American Academy of Environmental Engineers)

www.sfpe.org(Society of Fire Protection Engineers)

www.iienet2.org(Institute of Industrial Engineers)

www.ashrae.org(American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers)

www.asme.org(American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

www.smenet.org(Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration)

www.sname.org(The Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers)

www.ans.org(American Nuclear Society)

www.spe.org(Society of Petroleum Engineers)